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Can You Use Laminate Flooring in a Shed?

Laminate is a popular type of floor covering used in areas of a home that are not subject to excessive moisture. The type of floor you choose for your shed is determined by the usage you have set aside for this space. You can use laminate flooring in a shed if you intend to keep it clean and cozy all the time.

One of the major downsides of using laminate flooring is that it does not work well with areas that are prone to moisture. It makes a big difference if you intend to use your shed for meditation or you would be stepping in with muddy wellies to grab a gardening tool. This article discusses how practical it is to use laminate flooring in a shed and whether to install one.

Laminate Flooring in the Garden Shed

Beautiful new shed with flower bed on backyard area

A shed should have a good quality floor that you can work on since the type of flooring used in the shed determines whether it will stand up to its daily use. You will spend more time working in your shed if the floor is more appealing and practical. A tough surface layer and resin coating protect laminate floors, making them scratch resistant and longer lasting than natural wood. Laminate flooring is not only economical but also comes in a variety of styles that can enhance the look and feel of your shed. However, the major downside of laminate is that it is not suitable in areas with constant moisture.

One of the first steps to take care of in a garden shed before you lay down the floorboards is the underfloor insulation. If you are using mineral wool, consider adding a mesh to hold it in place and protect it from mice, rats, or martens. Laminate floors can be ideal if you have an underfloor heating option in your garden shed. Depending on how you intend to use it, you can extend an insulated pipe from the central heating of your main house or explore an independent system such as a thermal heat pump or solar panels for underfloor heating.

Laminate flooring works well for garden sheds that are used more privately. For example, you could use it as a meditation retreat in the surroundings of your garden, a room for a teenager, a private fitness center, a garden lounge to sit comfortably, or a place to play for the kids. Laminate flooring comes in a wide variety of materials, woods, and colors to choose from so that you find what suits your taste and preferences.

What is wrong with Using Laminate Flooring in a Shed?

  • Moisture Damage

Although laminate flooring is more durable than natural wood, it cannot be used for a long time. It is made from a composite material at its core, which is more susceptible to water damage compared to natural wood. It breaks down and expands when it is directly exposed to standing water. This drawback limits areas where laminate can be installed. Most sheds do not have air conditioning systems that control the amount of moisture. Laminate flooring in a shed may not last longer than expected depending on how you intend to use it.

  • Hard to Repair

Natural wood can be refinished several times than laminate and it will always give you a new floor each time. However, you may find it difficult to repair laminate floors especially when you come across simple patch jobs. This type of flooring has one single layer that degrades over time making it difficult to repair. Unlike wood, you cannot improve the overall look of laminate flooring and you may have to replace it when it is severely damaged.

  • Warping Can Occur

Peaking can occur in laminate flooring if the planks were glued incorrectly to the subfloor causing raised joints. Although this problem could be caused by inadequate space between the wall and the flooring edge, glue is often a major issue of concern. Other common installation problems associated with laminate flooring are tapping damage, buckling, and improper acclimatization. However, most of these issues can be avoided if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions or hire a professional.

Laminate flooring is only ideal if you will be using your shed for meditation or a garden lounge to sit comfortably in clean and cozy house shoes. A garden shed used as a workshop, gardening hub or hobby room could benefit from a wear-resistant type of flooring. The decision of whether to install laminate flooring in a shed may vary depending on how you intend to use it. It is important to reflect on its usage to get a better idea of what works best for your shed.

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