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Custom Modular Homes &
Prefab Home Builders in Colorado

Located Near Colorado Springs, CO

Did you know that a modular home is a factory built home constructed in a controlled environment to architectural and structural specifications? These are not the mobile homes of the past that you might be used to. It is a permanent structure, built to last just like any home built on-site. In fact, Modular homes must conform to specific rules, guidelines and building codes that often surpass those of traditional on-site homes. Modular homes can be customized, financed, appreciate in value, and enjoy ALL the benefits that normal on-site homes do. The benefits of modular homes are many; including saving time and money.

Rocky Mountain Base Camp is excited to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the process. Our valued off-site preferred manufactures offer hundreds of options for every home buyer's tastes and preferences. You can order pre-designed homes that require nothing but installation, or you can customize to your heart's desire. If your land is located in Colorado, we can also provide modular home setting services or we can deliver to anywhere in the United States. The options are unlimited. Let's get started today!


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Options, Delivery Charges & Sales Tax are extra. Modular Home Site work not included. Covid-19 Conditions & Material Shortages may increase price.

Why Are Modular and Manufactured Homes So Popular in Colorado?

The Mighty Snow Covered Rocky Mountains in Colorado
While house prices continue to skyrocket and construction costs in the field go higher and higher, modular homes hold a great value as they are built in controlled environments and many costs remain stable and under control. These unique houses are custom built in factories, then transported to the client’s plot of land and installed according to federal building codes. You may think these homes are less sturdy than traditionally built homes, in fact they maintain the highest regulatory standards and are built to the same code as stick built construction.

Modular and manufactured homes are becoming more popular than ever because factories have proved the utmost excellence and here at Rocky Mountain, we only work with the best.

The factory constructs these prefab homes with modern amenities and a level of customization you won’t get with any other build at these prices. That’s right! You can customize layouts, finishes, and specific features you want in a house, with less hassle, less time, and most often less money than a comparable size house that’s onsite construction. Modular homes are also financed the same as a regular home loan.

Colorado provides open spaces, beautiful views, and in many cases, inexpensive land options that make modular and prefab homes a very attractive option. All over the Centennial state, people are flocking to the value that modular homes provide in value, quality and convenience.

We Are Proud to Work with the Following Quality Manufacturers


Modular Homes are built entirely in environmentally controlled factories, transported to the client’s site, and installed under local and federal building codes. These standards regulate manufactured housing design and construction, strength and durability, transportability, fire resistance, energy efficiency and quality. The code also sets standards for the heating, plumbing, air conditioning, thermal and electrical systems. Rocky Mountain Base Camp can manage your project from inception to installation!

If you are looking for a top quality, fast, easy build, look no further than Modular Homes by Rocky Mountain Base Camp. Today’s modular homes and manufactured homes are not “mobile homes” and are incredible structures built to last permanently. The quality of our prefab and modular homes are top notch. Modular homes have to meet the International Residential Codes (IRC) with in-factory inspections regularly conducted.



The choices in homes are broader, have infinite options, and come in all sizes and configurations. We provide models designed for everything from private acreage and ranches to HUD code homes, single box homes and large modular homes with two stories or lofts. Our process is easy and time-tested.

Bottom line: Modular and prefab homes are quick, easy builds that will save you a lot of time and money. You select a design that fits within your budget, choose the finishes, order the home. Under perfect conditions and no factory backlog, a 5-6 month timeline is a rough estimate to move into a new home. However, due to demand and the manufacturers factory pipeline, it is safer to say 6-9 months from the time of ordering. We never want to over-promise or under-deliver because of the actual manufacturing of the modular home is out of our control. Once Rocky Mountain receives the unit and begins the set, typically 60-90 days later, it is ready for final inspection and move-in ready. Timelines are reduced by 2-3 months for a manufactured HUD home that is set on steel pillars and skirted, but that is based on the availability of the contractors who are working on the unit.

At Rocky Mountain Base Camp, we sell IRC Modular Homes from Champion Homes, Family Built Homes, and Genesis Homes. In general, prefab home and modular home prices range from $90-$125 per square foot, depending on the finishes you choose, and the homes are even available in log-sided options.

Looking to make Colorado your new home? Already in Colorado and want to build on your own land? Rocky Mountain Base Camp has fast and affordable options.

Our modular homes and manufactured homes are excellent quality that will surpass your expectations. With so many styles and models to choose from, you’ll find options to suit every taste. Modular and manufactured homes come in all sizes and configurations, from models designed for parks to HUD code homes, single box homes to large modular homes with two stories or lofts.

The process of buying and building modular and manufactured homes is quick and easy. You select a design that fits within your budget, choose the finishes, order the home, and typically we’ll have your new home ready to move into within 6-9 months. We offer Park Model Homes RV, Manufactured Homes and Modular Homes. We are a dealership for Atlantic/Champion Homes, Family Built Homes, and Heritage Homes. In addition we sell lighting fixtures, fireplaces, pellet stoves and wood stoves. We also sell log home packages.

For more information about modular, manufactured and prefab homes, or for a free estimate,
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