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Modular Home Modifications

Modular Home Customization & Prefab Home Modifications

When you are considering building your dream home rather than purchasing pre-existing, you may think that your only option is traditional construction. However, you can get the same custom experience by going with the modular home option. You want a home that represents who you are and can work for your specific lifestyle. Modular home customization options will blow you away!

What are Modular Homes?

Modular buildings are a specific type of prefabricated buildings. Prefabrication, or “prefab” refers to the process of constructing key elements of a building in a factory opposed to the job site. Wall panels or entire structures can be prefabricated. Modular homes are fabricated in a climate-controlled factory that adheres to high standards of safety and most importantly, quality.

Unlike traditional on-site stick-built construction, modular homes can be built year-round and not dependent on the weather. Furthermore, modular homes can speed up the process of getting you into your dream home. The modular structure can be constructed at the same time as your homesite is prepared saving you time and money. Upon competition of a modular home, the structure is transported to your home site. The home is then placed on your slab foundation or crawl-space.

A common misconception of modular homes is that they are just mobile homes. Modular homes are constructed with superior quality materials, are more durable, and have higher resale values than mobile homes.

“Standard” Modular Homes Features

When considering the construction of your own modular home, it is important to evaluate which features are standard or available for an upgrade. Custom upgrades can turn a house into your dream home.

Standard with the modular home, you can expect to pay a specific amount per square footage of home for the fabrication costs only. You will also get standard rates for fabrication, transportation, and assembly. There may be additional building permits required in your area. A completed structure will always be provided.

Additional Costs

Each modular manufacturer will provide a list of standard features that can be upgraded. Additionally, you can create your own design with the fabrication team, or you take an already created beautiful design and adapt it to your own specific needs. Upgrades of the standard features will incur further costs.

Compare available options for each of these exterior elements:

  • Roof pitch and shingle grade
  • Size of gable overhangs
  • Window construction
  • Siding materials
  • Moisture Wraps
  • Wall and ceiling insulation
  • Attic ventilation
Standard interior features:

  • Carpet
  • Drywall
  • Wood Trim
  • Premium laminate countertops
  • Tub/shower combos
  • Plumbing fixtures

After selecting your modular floor plan and evaluating the standard and custom features, you should also consider other factors that will influence the total price of your completed home. For instance, the cost to prepare your land can greatly be impacted if the ground needs to leveled or have trees removed. Removing existing structures on the property can also influence the final cost. Before your modular home can be delivered, a slab foundation will need to be installed.

Unless you want a true bush experience, you will need to account for the costs to dig a well and connect electricity to your home.

Garages, sheds, basements, log siding and decks are NOT included as standard features with most modular homes.

Modular Home Customization Options

Much like getting a traditional home constructed, you can have an almost unlimited amount of options when it comes to creating your modular home. There are endless possibilities, allowing you to achieve a custom home that works specifically for your family. From the outside to the inside, you can customize nearly every aspect of your home.

Exterior Customization

Modular home designs offer a variety of standard themes. Select the option that best suits your style and region. The fun doesn’t end there.
Select your favorite color palette, exterior materials, and even window placement.


As greige has become the new “it” house color, modular homes are following the trends. Select an exterior color with cool or warm undertones. If greige isn’t your style, choose from crisp white to modern blue to Earth-toned browns.

Many modular home manufacturers employ designers to help you select the ideal trim and front door to color to complement the body color. The color combinations are endless.


The exterior of your home should reflect its architectural style. Choose from traditional lap siding or a classic brick or stone exterior. Opt for wood panels in with natural tones to blend into wooded or rural environments. Combine these distinctive features to set your home apart.

Roof, Porch, and Windows

Window placement plays a vital role in adding warmth to your interior and intrigue to your exterior. Add transom windows to flank the door leading to custom-configured porch. A well-designed front porch with a pitched roof adds instant curb appeal to your modular home. Consider adding a wrap-around porch to enjoy the sunsets from your custom-built modular home.

Interior Customization

Sure, you want your home to look stunning and have the perfect curb appeal, but you also want to ensure that the interior fits your style and functional needs. The first area where you can customize your home is the floor plan. Typically, the designer will have a few different options of floor plans, but they can often also tweak them a little to meet your needs. Do you want a bigger kitchen? Do you prefer the bedrooms to be located somewhere else in the floor plan? These are all customizations that can usually easily be made.


Another area is specifically looking at the kitchen. The kitchen is easily one of the most important rooms in the home. This is where you cook your meals for your family and celebrate holidays. You have a lot of different customizations that you can choose from here as well. Do you want an island? What about maple cabinets or painted white doors? What style kitchen is your dream kitchen? These are all things that you can think about to create the kitchen you have been wishing for.


Bathrooms are also very important to the home. You will first be able to think about how many bathrooms you want for your house. There’s a lot of flexibility in the designs here, whether you want full bathrooms or powder rooms. You can choose a relaxing bathtub or a glass-enclosed shower.

Living Spaces

Other aspects of the floor plan that you can choose from include how many bedrooms you want, other living spaces in the house such as a dining room or home office. You can add a fireplace for extra heat and ambiance. You can get stonework or the perfect elegant mantle. You have so many options that you can get the house of your dreams thanks to modular home customizations.

Modular Homes for the Win

In addition to the numerous options for customization, modular homes offer other advantages as well.

Unbeatable Quality

As technology has improved in creating modular homes, so has the quality of these types of homes. These days modular homes can be just as good, if not better than the quality found in traditionally constructed homes. This is because modular homes are built in a controlled factory setting, using an assembly line approach to construction. This approach means that the level of quality control is extremely high, providing you with a higher quality product. No corners are cut during fabrication and assembly.

Faster Construction Process

In most cases, you can have your modular home constructed in less time than it takes to construct a traditional home. Modular homes can be built in about a third of the time it takes to frame a traditional stick-built home. Since interior and exterior finishes are fabricated as part of the home-building process, you can shave an additional 3-5 weeks off the timeline. In the case of inclement weather, on-site constructions may have even further delays.

As previously mentioned, the modular home can be built at the same time the foundation is built. Foundational work takes the same amount of time for a modular home and on-site built home. However, the modular home can be constructed during this time.


Typically, a modular home costs 15-20% less than traditional construction. Modular home costs begin at 70AUD per square foot, compared to over 200AUD for stick-built homes.

Energy Efficient

Modular homes provide superior home energy efficiency as part of the standard package. Conventional on-site home construction requires additional extra steps, at a higher cost to you, to meet new global energy efficiency standards. By contrast, modular home construction requires very little effort or expense to include these energy efficiencies.
In addition to energy efficiency, the tighter construction of modular homes reduces the spread of fires, decreases moisture in the home, and prevents bugs and rodents from working their way in.

Final Thoughts

Modular homes are an excellent option if you want a custom-built home that is affordable and energy-efficient. Just because you opt for a fabricated option, that doesn’t mean that you are getting a standard home like every everyone else. Customization is at your fingertips. Modular homes are the perfect balance between affordability and customization.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential project, we are here to help. Please contact us today!