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Our Specials

Rocky Mountain Base Camp loves to bring our clients a great value and currently we are running the following specials.
Please Contact Us Today for details!

SPECIAL 1: Champion Homes House + Site Work Special:

Central Great Plains CN649 Modified IRC Modular Home

Extra options will add to the pricing, delivery costs vary-call for details. Starting at $199,900, site dependent and does not include the price of land. 15’2” x 54’ with covered porch.

SPECIAL 2: Family Built Homes “Tiny Home” TH-40 IRC Modular Home:

Unit price only off of our lot, does not include site work or land costs, Starting at $89,900 + sales tax and delivery costs. $5000 off of the house price with a 25% down deposit before 9/30/2020. Down from $109,900 when ordered brand new at the factory.

SPECIAL 3: Champion Homes Central Great Plains CN844

1174 square feet, 2-box Modular Home build to the International Residential Code (IRC) to be set onto a permanent foundation.

Base price of $72,900 for modular unit. -Does not include options, delivery, land cost or any of the on-site work needed such as the crane/set as these costs depend on the final destination of the home.

Central Great Plains Modular Home in Teller County, Colorado (without garage option)

Pricing good until 12/31/2020.