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Are Mobile Homes and Modular Homes the Same Thing?

Pre-built homes have steadily risen and gained numerous accolades in recent years. They have gradually replaced traditional homes that are normally constructed onsite. These have enabled many people to realize their dreams of owning a decent home without inhibitory costs associated with the ancient homes.

There are many terms associated with offsite built housing but many people do not know what they precisely mean. It is therefore very possible to get easily confused and bogged down by these terms as the line and variation between the two has been very blurry.

modular custom home built
Mobile homes and modular homes are not similar and the fact that they might be built in a facility does not imply that they are all identical. It is therefore crucial to be able to decipher and clearly distinguish between the two. This article distinguishes between mobile and modular homes to ensure you have gained clarity between these two houses.

What are Mobile Homes?

Mobile homes came about in the mid-1900s due to the need to have something cheap as demanded by the American citizenry. They did not entail any specifications. The desire of people to move around especially for work-related reasons necessitated the invention and birth of mobile homes. This was consequently followed by the current bigger mobile homes that have more amenities. There has been a gradual transition because new mobile homes are very modern and cost-effective. The background and story behind the change from mobile homes to manufactured homes came about in 1974 when the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards Act was passed. Two years later, the HUD Code came into place and it was subsequently followed by the Housing Act in the year 1980. The Housing Act stipulated that mobile homes should be called manufactured homes. This is about all the homes that were constructed after 1976. This was very vital because it culminated in the increase of more upgraded mobile homes due to the new legal dispensation, which provided for much-improved safety standards.

What are Modular Homes?

Modular homes are also constructed in a facility. This could be entirely or not wholly, where some sections are constructed in the facility. There has to be well regulated and controlled conditions inside this facility. It is mandatory for these modular homes to comply with local and state codes based on where the house is premised. They are built in sections, which are then taken to the specific destination where they are then assembled on an already set foundation. This is finally followed by a final evaluation by local inspectors to ascertain that there is proper compliance with all set building codes, regulations, and other well-defined and established cannons. These homes have the advantage of being customizable and cheap to construct. They are very sturdy and can be constructed within a very short span. Finally, they are well famed for their ability to save on energy hence cutting down on home-related bills.

Comparative Analysis

Mobile homes are now obsolete due to the aforementioned changes. The similarity between the two is that they are both constructed in a factory. Mobile homes, now manufactured homes and modular homes have evolved a lot in recent times due to the structural changes and crucial new design options. Both these homes are very tough to distinguish when compared to homes that are built on-site. There are numerous concerns about the safety of these homes. However, these allegations should be quickly dispensed with because there are no legit alarming issues when it comes to the safety of these homes. They do not entail any major difference compared to the traditional on-site homes. This is because mobile homes, now manufactured homes are constructed in compliance with HUD standards whereas modular homes have to conform to local and state regulations premised on where the home is situated. Both homes are also cheap with no delays and unanticipated costs.

It is therefore clear that mobile homes and modular ones have some clear variations but they also share several traits. More so, it is important to insist that noting that mobile homes are what evolved to become the current manufactured homes is very critical. This is because mobile homes and manufactured homes have some slight differences. After all, manufactured homes are more modern and upgraded to conform to modern and contemporary rules and guidelines. This article has clearly distinguished between the two hence you stand to be properly guided when making your decision. If you are still confused, consider reaching out to an expert for help.

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