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The Most Popular Modular Home Types

When you customize a new-construction modular home, you’re in complete control of how it looks. Modular houses offer the same styles as standard ones, with each architectural theme displaying unique characteristics. As you think about which aesthetic would be best for you and your family, you’ll want to find one that accommodates your daily routine and style preferences. Here are some of the most popular modular home designs to help you find the best one for your lifestyle.

Consider these different modular home styles to figure out how to choose yours.


modular home type

If you enjoy the mansion-style but would rather live in a more modest dwelling, consider building a luxury modular home. It’s typically a large, impressive dwelling with numerous rooms to accommodate leisure activities and growing families. This style features high-end materials and distinct architectural details that’ll make your property stand out on the block.

Compared to building a conventional luxury home, you’ll save a ton of money by constructing a smaller modular house. Even though it often takes up fewer square feet than a traditional mansion, this style gives you all the space you need to entertain guests and live in luxury


The Ranch Style modular home, also known as the rancher or the rambler, originated here in the United States and is known for its short stature and minimal exterior decoration. It is typically only one story tall and is usually either an asymmetrical rectangle or an ‘L’ shape. Ranch modular homes are generally found in warmer areas as their iconic short roofs aren’t very good at dealing with heavy snowfall. If you like the ranch style, but would like to build in a colder climate, adding a steeper roof to your prefab house is an easy fix. Thanks to their simple design, Ranches tend to be fairly inexpensive to build. A big plus for ranch-style homes is that they’re easy to add modular additions or even a second story to once the home has already been built.


A log cabin modular home is a popular style for properties in vacation spots because of its laid-back atmosphere. With a warm fireplace and an inviting open floor plan, the house provides a natural, rustic appearance for a living space that’ll help bring the whole family together. You could use artificial or natural log siding to your modular home to enhance its cozy charm and feature exposed wood beams in the ceiling to create a distinct point of interest in the room.

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod Style modular home is common in colder climates and is most popular in the Northeast where it originated. Usually an affordable option with one or two stories, the style features an exterior usually covered with shingles, windows with shutters, and dormers (horizontal windows that stick out of an otherwise sloped roof). Due to the sharply sloped roof, Cape Cods will often have an attic for extra storage space or even an additional floor.


Like luxury homes, green homes are an intention for your property rather than a distinct style. All modular homes comply with green building codes, so you can be confident that you’re using sustainable materials and emphasizing a resource-efficient lifestyle. However, a green modular house takes eco-friendliness to the next level, exceeding current green building code standards.

Consider installing solar panels on your modular home to cut down on energy costs and use fewer resources. Your modular builder can also give you options about how to reduce your property’s energy expenditure.

Two Story

A Two-Story Style modular home is exactly what it sounds like, a house with two above-ground stories. While other styles often have second stories, a Two-Story style home will not fit the look of other styles, making it uniquely its own. Typically, communal rooms like the kitchen, living room, and dining room can be found on the bottom floor while bedrooms are on the top floor. This design is perfect for a growing family on a smaller piece of land. Building up takes less space than building out!

View Our Modular Home Plans for Inspiration

At Rocky Mountain Modular, we help you create your own modular home in any unique style that you prefer. With our turnkey solutions and custom design options, you can add distinctive features to your house to make it stand out in your neighborhood. Reach out to us to get started building your property.

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