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Should I Choose My Land First Or Buy A Modular Home?

This has been a blurry and murky area for a long time. Since inception, pertaining to modular homes, there has been no clarity regarding these homes and the procedure involved therein. This includes what precedes what and whether choosing land first should be a fundamental prerequisite. Many people simply believe and misconstrue the idea of modular homes hence think that merely placing an order and making the requisite payments should suffice. This is because they do not realize that modular homes have to be placed on a permanent foundation unlike mobile homes, which are inherently meant to be easily transferred or relocated to a new site upon request.
Minimal thought often goes to the choice of location or land and this usually culminates into a lot of confusion. This can be attributed to the paucity of information regarding this subject as experts and pundits have provided very limited insight to guide prospective homeowners. This article shall therefore purpose to elucidate more on this topic.

The essence of Choosing a Location

At the outset, it is vital to stress how crucial and critical it is to first identify some land prior to the commencement of the project or construction of the modular home. Owning the land is therefore an important procedural step that should not be bypassed. This starts with the identification of the specific area or location, which you are desirous of settling is followed by the eventual acquisition. Normally, it is prudent to have an idea about the place where you want to erect your house before proceeding to contact your specific builder. Choosing land first has numerous benefits. An example is that land is a very scarce commodity. It is also overly expensive and usually conveyed at very exorbitant prices especially in the areas deemed as prime locations.

Proper planning is therefore essential to ensure that you operate without straining your pocket. More so, this ensures that you will operate within the confines of your dedicated sums and act within the stipulated times. Tax implications might also affect this decision immensely thus clearly depicting that choosing land should always precede the purchase or acquisition of a modular home. Other technical challenges such as connection to utilities should also aid to illustrate how the choice of land is paramount before all else.

Choosing land in a remote location would imply that connection to utilities would be one strenuous exercise or endeavor hence settling for land first should aid to simplify the process since the builder will be able to work around such challenges from the onset. On the contrary, this can be rendered quite improbable if you decided to buy the modular home first without identifying or choosing the land. It could be extremely self-defeating and this makes the choice of land even more significant. The essence of choosing land first should always be overstated to ensure that the whole process is quite seamless once you kick-start the project.

Other Guiding Factors

  • Timelines

In construction, time is such a limited commodity. Securing a block first can be a good decision since it is a competitive process and the slightest delay could imply that a different person snaps up the land. Conversely, you can decide to buy the modular home and get the designs rolling as you continue searching for the land if you desire to settle in your new home as quickly as possible. Often, this has to be considered on a case-to-case basis before making a proper decision.

  • Finances

This has been briefly mentioned in the foregoing. Finances could affect your decision since if you have some limited funds; you could opt for the land or block first and wait until you obtain more funds to proceed with the purchase of the modular home. Alternatively, you can have the money to do both concurrently hence; it varies based on such factors.

  • View

In the modern contemporary world, there has been a particular emphasis and shift towards views and aesthetics. People now want to have the most appealing and wholesome views in their homes. In such a situation, owning land first would be wiser so that you can have a predetermined vision about how your house will be placed hence avoiding trying to fit your home into a land that does not satisfy your preferences due to a miscalculation of designing and buying a modular home first before choosing the land or precise location.

To surmise, it is succinctly clear from the aforementioned that there are many elements and factors that go into the making of this decision hence you should consider them all before deciding accordingly.



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