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Why Do Manufactured Homes Have Such A Stigma?

A manufactured home is a house built and constructed in a factory under high set standards. It is then later transferred to the site where it is meant to be used. The stigma that evolves around manufactured homes is mainly brought about by the cost. This has greatly hindered the mainstreaming of these homes. Manufactured homes are widely known to have affordable and lower costs as compared to site-built homes and this reduced cost is believed to come at a cost. Many communities and homeowners are therefore blinded to the true benefits of manufactured homes. This article answers the question of why manufactured homes have such a great stigma.

The Quality

modular home
It is quite customary for anyone seeking a home to be price-sensitive and to lean towards what would cost the least. In contrast to this notion, the price can also be the cause of biases and the concern of buyers that may act against the low prices of manufactured homes. They are perceived as low-income houses because of their low costs and this is in most instances, not the case. This brings in the question of the quality of manufactured homes. It bears some truth that cheaper commodities may come at lower qualities but individuals have extended the belief that because of their low and affordable costs, manufactured homes are built with cheaper materials and less costly building techniques.

This stigma has affected many potential buyers when in fact manufactured homes are all built according to high set standards. Another resulting issue from perception is when the non-potential buyers are also put into context. Many of them believe that the availability of manufactured homes in an area will bring down the value of properties in the area. This is because of the manufactured homes costing less than existing homes. When the majority of the residents believe in this concept, it becomes very difficult to promote the benefits and use of manufactured homes. Some leaders also use their influence to restrict the popularization of manufactured houses.

Perception Being a Problem

Before 1976, mobile homes were very popular and they were being actively built. The stigma evolving around manufactured homes is related to the fact that many individuals believe that mobile homes and manufactured homes are the same. Therefore, the views and attitudes towards these pre-1976 homes and mobile parks are reflected in manufactured homes.

The 1976 HUD Code authorized by Congress, was meant to mainstream manufactured homes by improving and standardizing the houses. The problems that manufactured homeowners faced did not go away thus people further questioned the quality and effectiveness of manufactured homes. The homes experienced physical shortcomings, for example, leaking exteriors and poor heating systems. The problems could have been due to construction, maintenance or both entailing the Code may have been effective. This concept however did not help the increasing unpopularity of manufactured homes due to poor quality.

In 1994 The HUD Code was updated to address the challenges that were being faced in the construction of the houses.

People find it very difficult to believe that they can be able to find the qualities of an on-site home in a manufactured home. A manufactured home is believed to have lost its new factor. Its value as a home is also reduced because people do not believe that they can be able to get a beautiful new home at an affordable price. If they can then it means they have to pay a price later on, for example, the quality and efficiency of the house.


Another stigma affecting manufactured homes is on specifications. Many people have different unique needs and preferences in terms of design style and many other factors. They may then prefer building on-site homes because they get the freedom to decide the specifications of the house to suit their needs. This is not possible for the manufactured homes because it is complete with very little room for modification. It, therefore, shows a drawback of the manufactured home when compared to the on-site homes.

The cost of building on-site homes is increasing by the day therefore, many organizations for example construction companies, have invested in campaigns to spread awareness of manufactured homes detailing all the facts and making misconceptions clear. For a long period, manufactured homes had many problems that brought about the stigma they face, but times have changed with technology creating new and improved methods of construction and better materials. Manufactured homes are therefore just as durable and an effort should be put to change attitudes and notions.

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