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What Are The Advantages Of A Modular Home?

Modular homes aren’t new, but they have evolved rapidly over the last decade. The quality levels have increased and in many ways, they compete with traditionally built homes. Modular homes are typically built in a factory which means the weather is not a factor. Skills tradespeople are monitored and maintained as they assemble raw materials on-site to a high standard of quality.

Once the build is complete it can be transported to the property. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? They are a wonderful opportunity for people who wants to reduce costs while still owning their own home. Once upon a time, they were classified as a low-quality option, they were cheap. However, as the craft has evolved and rules have been set to increase quality, they have become a real option.

modular home view of the kitchen
That’s all well and good, but what advantages does a modular home have over the alternatives? Why should you choose modular over a stick-built home? Is a modular home a better decision than investing in a mobile home? There’s a lot to consider, but before you can make a decision, let’s take a moment to discuss the many advantages of a modular home.

The Advantages of Modular Home

  • High-Quality

The manufacturing side of things has seen significant improvement over the years. With the right contractor, a modular home can stand up against a standard stick-built home. In many cases, the quality exceeds that of stick builders. With the factory setting, the assembly line set-up ensures the building process is subject to intense quality control that is impossible to replicate with stick-built homes.

A stick-built home is constructed on the property or land where it will sit. That’s the traditional way. Yet, there are a lot of risks involved. If a contractor doesn’t take proper precautions in inclement weather the lumber and other components of the home are left unprotected and that could be an issue down the line. The problem is, this type of neglect will go unnoticed until it becomes a major issue later.

  • The Construction Speed

It is much quicker to build a modular home than it is a stick-built home. As we already touched on, the weather is a big aspect of that. As the home is built in a factory setting, everything is under tight controls and can be transported to the property upon completion. Stick-built homes experience delays that modular homes just don’t. If rain, snow, or high winds begin, the build must stop and the site needs to be safe before workers can return.

Additionally, the parts may be sourced from all over with a multitude of suppliers involved. In a factory setting, that is a much more straightforward situation. Supplies tend to be in abundance in the factory setting because homes aren’t the only product being manufactured.

A modular home is an excellent option for people dealing with time constraints. It’s also a great choice if you want to build on a parcel of land without the risks.

  • Cost Efficiency

One of the biggest obstacles standing between people and homeownership is cost. That’s where modular homes truly shine. It is as much as 15% cheaper to build a modular home versus a stick-built home. There is less downtime, the assembly line increases the speed of the process, and with fewer costs associated with construction, a modular home is an excellent option for anyone on a strict budget.

  • Finance Options

There are plenty of finance options available to modular home buyers. Many of the regular options are available, but there are also manufacturer finance options as well. In fact, many manufacturers offer better options than traditional lenders, which means you can get your already less expensive home for a favorable finance option. It’s something worth considering.

  • Resale Value

A modular home is not a manufactured or mobile home. Of course, both of these have come a long way and are constructed to much higher standards, they’re don’t offer the same value. While they have improved, they are not the same level of quality. Modular homes are built to a higher standard and are comparable to stick-built homes in terms of quality. In terms of resale value, you are much safer with a modular (or stick-built) home. Any potential home buyer needs to consider resale value because the reality of life is that you will eventually move.

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