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What’s the Timeline for Ordering a Modular Building?

A modular building is a fast and cost-effective construction where a building structure is constructed off-site in a factory and later assembled at the site of construction. They follow the same building codes and standards of a conventional building but have a shorter construction schedule. A modular building is often built on steel frames with standard building materials and delivered to the site by a truck. If you intend to order a modular building, it is important to know the duration for completion and when you should expect it fitted on your intended site. This article discusses the timeline for ordering a modular building and the factors that determine the length of construction.

  • Getting a Pre-Approval
modular home timeline
Before you order a modular building, you need to be granted an in-principle acceptance to owning the systems or components of modular integrated construction around your area. The pre-approval mechanism aims to provide a detailed assessment of whether the materials and design used in the building meet the minimum standard requirements for a particular aspect of home construction. Afterward, you need to set a budget that determines the design of your dream home and the amount you will spend on labor.

  • Preparing the Lot

You need to get all the required site inspections and land tests if you already have a lot. If you do not have somewhere to install your modular building, you need to seek help from a professional builder to help you find a suitable piece of land. The budget you set for your modular home during pre-approval determines the amount of space you need to work with when looking for land.

  • Designing Your Dream Home

You need to work with your builder’s engineering department to design your dream home. The design and material requirements may vary depending on your budget since they will be working with what you have available. Before the plans are forwarded for a double check to a third-party engineer, you need to make all kinds of decisions and customizations about your modular building. You need to sign off the design after reviewing the final plans of the project so that the building process can begin.

  • Building the Structure

Before the building project gets started, you need to decide on your payment plan. Construction can begin immediately once everything is set up and everyone is satisfied with the deal. Constructing a modular home takes place off-site in a factory where everything is built from the ground up before it is transferred to the intended location. Building a modular home takes between 30 to 120 days from setting to occupancy.

  • Shipping the Home to Your Lot

After the bulk work of construction has been completed off-site, specially designed carriers will ship your modular home to your lot. The building will arrive when it is about 70 to 90 percent complete. The initial site work gets underway before your modular building arrives in the specified location. This project will involve clearing the lot, laying a foundation, digging the septic system, and grounding the electrical system. The home is then set onto the foundation and the engineers continue the construction with mechanical installations or final changes.

  • Inspecting the Structure

The last step to finalize the process is to schedule a professional inspection before you move in. A final walk-through inspection ensures that your modular building is designed according to the required standards and what was agreed upon on your initial plan. After the inspection, you can officially move into your new home and enjoy what it feels like to be in a modular building.

  • Get Started on Time

People who build a new home are always prepared for the construction project to take longer than expected. You might have heard that subcontractors, utility companies, inclement weather, and inspection officials contribute to delays. It can take you a very short time to finish tasks that must be completed before your modular arrives. Some of the ways you can ensure you get your modular home is delivered on time are order standard plans without changes, select standard features, have the cash to pay for everything, and agree that all decisions are final. You also need to have a building permit and government conditions of contract lined up.

A modular building is a great investment that can have a long useful life as long as it is properly maintained. The timeline for ordering a modular building may vary depending on the tasks that must be completed before the construction is completed. It is important to plan early, have everything prepared to avoid delays.

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