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Can You Remodel a Modular Home

A modular home provides a beautiful and comfortable living space at affordable prices. As your family grows, you may decide to upgrade your home to accommodate new needs. Whether you choose to upgrade the interior, exterior, or entire house, a remodel will add value to your mobile home and increase your comfort.

Why You Should Consider Remodeling Your Module Home

Let’s first look at the reasons why you might want to consider remodeling your home. Later on, we will also give you some examples of what type of projects you can consider/undertake.

Hands Framing Custom Master Bathroom Photo Section with Drawing Behind.

1. To Add Value

This is a hotly debated topic when it comes to modular homes. Is it worth remodeling/renovating a modular house to increase its value? Won’t depreciation mean that the upgrades will lose their value as well? Additionally, is it worth trying to increase the value of something that’s considered by some as “temporary housing”?

These questions are usually grounded in longstanding stereotypes and confusion surrounding modular bile homes. People often mistake modular homes for mobile homes but the definition of a module home was defined in the 70’s. Nowadays, modular homes are built as efficiently as traditional stick-built homes. Quality control and adherence to local building codes have ensured that modular homes are safe and durable

Module homes of today aren’t nearly as “temporary” as the homes of yesteryear. The new construction standards (captured in the HUD Code) mean homes last much longer and approach the quality of the real estate. Some homes come with guarantees of up to 50 years. Since they are quite new, we don’t yet know for sure how long they will last, but a generation or two is a safe enough bet for a well-cared-for-home.

In terms of valuation, the U.S. is currently facing a housing crisis where just about any type of housing is precious. The demand for manufactured homes is growing as more and more people are unable to afford real estate that has entered the market.

2. Speed of Renovating

To renovate a modular home, you would need to replace what’s currently installed. This involves either modifying the current setup of your modules or changing the modules of your house entirely.

In fact, renovations for modular homes would be much faster than regular homes since there is no need to destroy anything. Instead, it’s simply a game of replacement. This is one of the key points as to why modular homes are so sustainable, it’s easy to change to accommodate users, and the same modules can, in fact, be repurposed into different spaces.

3. Improve The Sales Potential

As we mentioned, the manufactured home retail market is changing. More buyers than normal are in the market for real estate. That means these buyers appreciate upgrades, renewals, etc.

Putting effort into your home could make it more attractive to buyers, especially by installing special features like jacuzzis, fireplaces, etc. It could also help you capture tenants if you want to rent out your home.

Best Remodeling Projects for Your Modular Home


Ask yourself, what do you find essential in a home?

Chances are that one of these features is adequate storage. Many potential buyers have crossed a house off their list because there isn’t space to put their things.

Hence a high-value addition to any modular home is more storage space. Generally, people will look for a place to put their extra clothing, photo albums, and holiday decorations.

Additionally, installing extra shelving in the kitchen and throughout the home can assist modular homeowners with more immediate storage. This increases the overall functionality and aesthetic of a room.

For the time being, the additional space will help you to declutter the home while you show it.


Preparing the floors in your modular home can potentially be one of the biggest jobs of the makeover.

Your most prominent concern here should be that they look neat and well kept. If the floors are wood, you should sand them and apply some new varnish.

Unfortunately, it can take a lot of work. But if there are cracked or broken panels or tiles, consider replacing them.

If you want the room to appear more cozy and warm, place some fat and plump rugs on the floor.

Overall Maintenance

As we have mentioned earlier, modular homes are under a lot of threat from the elements, particularly because they are primarily made of wood. This makes weatherproofing remodels a frequent, essential, and common-sense upgrade.

There are many things you can do to weatherproof your home:

Install a pitched roof: Pitched roofs are more appealing and have much better drainage as well as structural integrity than flat roofs.

Wrap your roof: An EPDM or similar membrane protects your roof against the weather as well as reflects away warming rays from the sun.

Stormproof doors and windows: Stormproof doors and windows can better withstand the elements and provide increased levels of insulation. Look at weatherproof products that cover both the actual doors and windows and their frames.

Weatherproof skirting: A home’s skirting protects the sensitive underbelly from rodents and the weather conditions as well as provides insulation.

Paint: Only use weatherproof and high-quality paints when remodeling your home’s exterior.

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