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The Most Important Pros and Cons of Prefab Homes

When considering owning a home, you have two options to go with – to buy an already built home or a prefabricated home. Prefabricated homes, or as they are commonly known, prefab homes, are assembled at a factory and transported to the site by the use of highly sophisticated equipment. When considering buying a prefab home, you have to weigh in the pros and cons that come with it. Having this information will help you make an informed decision and know what to expect. This article looks at some of the many benefits and disadvantages associated with these homes.


pre fabricated home
  • Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

If you have a strong love for nature, then a prefab home is your most preferable choice. Prefabricated homes are constructed by use of highly sophisticated equipment that leaves behind very small or no seams at the joints. This guarantees minimal or no energy loss through airflow that occurs when there are seams in the joints. Airtight seams mean that you do not have to worry about installing an insulator. Prevention of energy loss translates to reduced energy costs. At the same time, prefab homes contribute to environmental conservation through reduced construction waste.

  • Reduced Construction Time

Building a site house takes longer because of the time taken to transport construction materials to the site. Since it requires a larger workforce to construct an on-site house, this increases the turnover time by almost double. A prefab house, on the other hand, does not require a very large workforce since the construction takes place at the factory. Once transported to the site, the prefab home professionals will just have to assemble the house by tightening screws and connecting the utilities. All this cuts the turn over and a process that was meant to take months now takes just a month. This is something to look out for since you get into your house soon without compromising on quality.

  • Affordability

The main benefit that comes with buying a prefab home is affordability. Since prefab homes are constructed in a factory, this eliminates the cost of transporting construction materials to the site. It also does away with the massive workforce that would have been employed to build the house if it was to be done at the site. In addition, prefab homes are built with affordable materials. All these factored in; cut the construction cost by almost half, which works well with people operating under a budget.


  • Land Acquisition

When buying an already built home, the cost of the home includes the land on which the home sits. This, therefore, means that you do not have to go through the rigorous process of acquiring land. However, when buying a prefab home, on the other hand, you have to go through the hassles of acquiring the land on which to place your home. That is not all, you have to inquire whether your municipality allows prefab homes in your locality. That is without factoring in the process of acquiring different permits that come with the placement of prefab homes.

  • Transportation and Assembly

The main drawback that accrues from buying prefab homes is the challenge of transportation and assembly of the home once it gets to the site. If the transportation crew does not exercise maximum caution, boards could end up being broken or fissured while in transit. Upon arriving at the site, the crew may sometimes not tighten the screws enough to make the joints airtight for energy efficiency.

  • Utility Hookup Challenges

When buying an already built home, you do not have to worry about a utility hookup. However, when it comes to prefab homes, this is a major issue since you have to first arrange for utility hookup to the site. This is usually a major drawback because the process of connecting the site to utilities can sometimes prove to be a hectic encounter. While most prefab homes dealers take care of this necessity, some require you to do the hookup by yourself. It is therefore wise to always do your due diligence in enquiring whether your prefab homes professional shoulders the utility hookup for you or not.

It is evident from the discussion above that although it is not always sunshine when it comes to prefab homes, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Choosing the right prefab homes dealer can help you make the most of your prefab home. Having done that, you can rest assured you will have a quality beautiful place where you will be proud to call home.

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