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Do Module Homes Need To Be Inspected?

Modular homes are an affordable and easy way to ensure you get a home suited to you. Much like any house your modular home needs to meet the building requirements of the area that you live in. Inspections during the construction process will help make certain your home is ready for you as soon as possible. So how are modular homes inspected and what do the inspections look for? Here’s a quick list!

State Review of Modular Home Plans

Your modular home’s blueprints have to be reviewed and approved by your state before the factory can begin building it.

professional male wearing blue t-shirt, writing out forms during a home inspection
This process is handled automatically by the factory, so you don’t have to worry about coordinating this. Most municipal buildings and departments have other inspections and permits for the various phases of construction on-site. These variations include electrical, plumbing, and mechanical. Once your modular home’s blueprints are reviewed and pass all the requirements, your home is ready to be worked on in the factory.

Factory Inspections

While not being built on-site, modular homes are nonetheless built to the exact same building code, with the only difference being that they are built at a factory in sections. The inspections that take place will happen during each stage of the construction process. These are no different than site-built homes. However, with a modular home, all the inspections for the modular sections themselves happen in the factory.

Power, Water, And Sewer Inspections

Your local building jurisdiction will require a building permit that allows a modular home to be dropped off on-site. This means you will have to go through the same type of inspections that are done for a traditional house. Examples would be the approval for the utility service pole, a temporary service panel, and the hookups to a private water distribution source.

Foundational Approval

To get modular homes inspected prior to moving in, your foundation will have to pass an inspection while it’s being constructed, just like a site-built home. In rare cases, this involves getting soil engineering tests and submitting them to the building jurisdiction. After work begins the building jurisdiction will inspect the foundation to make sure it is up to code.

Installation Inspection

Now that your modular home has finally been built and has been moved onto the location, all hookups are completed and inspected. you have to pass a final inspection. This is to ensure your modular home meets codes for egress (exterior steps), smoke detectors, and the like. After all, is said and done you will be issued a certificate of occupancy and you can finally get to enjoy your brand new modular home!

Custom Modular Homes & Prefab Home Builders in Colorado.

At Rocky Mountain Base Camp we offer a turn-key service for modular homes in Colorado. We help you design your perfect modular home, either based on a standard floor plan or completely customized. Whatever your vision is for your home, we can bring it to life. We can help you choose materials that fit within your budget and will complete the look you desire for your home, both inside and out.

We make sure all the logistics are in place from the start so your home can be finished in a timely manner. As timely as we are in building your home, we never compromise on our workmanship. We adhere to all the relevant standards and codes, and all modules are inspected to ensure they meet our standards for quality.

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