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Modular Office Uses For Commercial Industries

Modular building construction has grown in popularity over the last 40 years and serves a wide variety of industries. One of the largest-growing industries that rely on modular offices falls within the commercial industry.

What exactly is a commercial industry? A commercial industry is an industry that focuses on widespread production, with the goal of selling the maximum amount of products possible to consumers. Commercial businesses are focused on selling products or services, generating revenue, and growing year over year.

Modular offices can help commercial industries improve their sales and support their growth. The following are examples of commercial industries and how they use modular construction to their benefit.

Small industrial one-story building.

Automotive Sales & Service Centers

Used car lots are striking up a lot of business this year. Due to the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic, people are avoiding mass transit and instead are looking to purchase vehicles. Consumers are sensitive to the prices, and because of this are purchasing used vehicles over their new, off-the-lot counterparts.

With modular construction, automotive centers add office space to their lots with ease. This not only meets the needs of the customer but offers space for the staff to spread out. Their service centers can be expanded too, which provides customers with a comfortable area to wait as their car is being worked on.

Public Transport

Although the use of public transport has declined over the past year, it is still a necessary commodity for many. Now is a great time to add additional office space for public transit companies. There are also a variety of specialty buildings that can be added to an existing transportation facility.

Specialty modular buildings can be useful to airlines and airports in particular. Facility additions include waiting areas, baggage claims, hangar offices, terminals, and restrooms. But these are just a few of the modular additions that an airport can benefit from.

Public transport buildings can also include small offices at train stops or bus stops. They are also comprised of ticket booths and customer service offices. All types of public transport buildings should offer a safe environment for workers to operate from. They can offer comfort and warmth in the harsh winter weather, or a cool and comfortable air-conditioned environment in the summer heat.

Landfills & Recycling Centers

Year over year, landfills and recycling centers continue to grow in size. According to the EPA, a little over 69 million tons of waste were recycled from American households in 2018. Compare that number to the year 2010, when that number was closer to 65 million tons. Each year our waste continues to grow. Our landfills and recycling centers do an excellent job of removing, composting, and renewing our trash.

Modular buildings are a wonderful option for waste management centers. They offer quick occupancy and can be delivered to remote sites by truck. They are great for recycling plants or other large facilities. As in-plant offices can be delivered and installed with minimal disruption to daily operations.


A quarry is a type of mine called an ‘open-pit’ mine, where you can look down into a large hole in the earth. It is a place where rocks, sand, and other minerals are extracted from the soil and dirt. They were made and used by humans for thousands of years, but their excavation today is a little more advanced.

Workers use mechanical tools, explosives, and drilling equipment to cut through the earth. Large machines are needed to haul both people and equipment. Although most of the work is done outside, offices are still needed for personnel. Modular break rooms, restrooms, kitchens, and locker rooms all pose as useful assets to employees who work on quarries.

Modular Offices for Your Industry

Purchasing a new commercial building can be a very exciting time. There are many factors that you’ll want to consider including, but not limited to, square footage, layout, functionality, and aesthetic. However, the most important element will be to consider what type of building you want to purchase.

Commercial modular buildings are becoming an increasingly popular choice, with many businesses turning to this new technology instead of using retrofitting pre-existing buildings. But what are commercial modular buildings and what are some of the benefits they can offer?

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