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Are Modular Homes As Good As Stick Built?

It is almost everyone’s dream to have an ideal home that suits their preferences and lifestyle. To make your dream a reality, you need to own a piece of land or purchase one in a suitable location. However, your excitement may start to fade once you get into planning and construction as it may take longer or cost more than you had planned. A modular home is an alternative to stick-built homes. This type of home has sparked a lot of interest among new homebuyers because of its amazing features. The only concern is whether they can meet or exceed the expectations of stick-built homes. This article makes a comparison between these two types of housing to identify whether modular homes are as good as stick-built houses.

Modular vs. Stick-Built Homes

Stick-built homes are used to refer to a regular home construction done on-site using lumber and nails. It is the most traditional way of building a home where boards are assembled from the foundation board by board from the ground up. Modular homes are constructed off-site in sections before being transported and assembled on-site. They are built on a permanent foundation and follow the same local building code as a stick-built home. The modules are sturdy enough and remain intact during transportation and assembly. They often arrive on-site when all the plumbing, wiring, insulation, and flooring are already in place. All that happens on-site is all these sections are assembled to make the house complete as a whole.

Comparison between Modular and Stick-Built Homes

  • Quality

A larger percentage of the material used in the sections of modular home construction is metal. This makes it more eco-friendly than stick-built homes that use lumber all over the entire house. The sturdiness of modular homes allows them to be transported safely to the construction site without any damage. The modules can not only handle transportation but also resist weather-related problems like exterior water damage or rain infiltration. The factory setting where modular homes are built provides more quality control over the construction process compared to stick-built homes.

  • Building Process

One of the downsides of building a stick-built house is that the period or speed of construction is highly dependent or controlled by weather conditions. It is different from the building process of modular homes, which are constructed in a factory. Most of the building materials are often available in the factory and can be brought earlier because they can be placed in a separate storage location. This ensures less wastage of materials making the building process of modular homes ‘greener’ than stick-built houses.

  • Design and Customization

A stick-built home provides better customization options than modular homes because a homeowner can choose the materials that will be used and where they need to be placed. However, modular homes have a limitation on customization because there are materials that were pre-selected in the factory. However, modular homes can also be custom-designed to match your taste and preferences if you are diligent and meticulous enough.

  • Resale Value

Many people have always perceived modular homes to be of lower value than stick-built homes because they confuse their features with a mobile house. In recent times, prefab home manufacturers have improved their building processes and techniques to make modular homes durable and longer-lasting than before. This means that a well-maintained modern modular home could have a higher value than a stick-built home that was neglected or not taken care of as one would expect.

Do Modular Homes Last As Long As Stick-Built Homes?

Modular homes follow the same building codes used on stick-built homes despite the method in which they are both built. This means that they will both be built on a permanent foundation and have the same plumbing, HVAC, electrical system, and quality roofing. Modular home manufacturers often incorporate the code expectations during construction to ensure your house complies with the state laws and regulations. As long as a modular or stick-built home is built using the required codes and regulations, they can both last for a very long time with very little maintenance. Their resale value also appreciates over time, making them equals or alternative competitors in the real estate market.

Although a modular home differs slightly in construction from stick-built homes, they all provide the same expectations a homeowner may be looking for when investing in a new home. Furthermore, most manufacturers are now focusing on the latest trends that will change people’s perceptions about modular homes for the better. It is important to weigh down the options between modular and stick-built houses based on what you want your dream home to look like, and how best it suits your lifestyle and preferences.


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