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Is a Modular Home the Same as a Double Wide?

As time continues elapsing, more inventions rise to make achieving tasks simple and at a friendlier cost. The construction sector has not been left behind with the emergence of pre-built homes. These types of homes are quickly becoming the best alternative for many people seeking a home for quite a number of reasons. This solid housing option enables you to obtain the quality home of your dreams but at a noticeably lower cost than that of the traditional homes usually built on site. This is an advantage because you do not have to pay any price later on because the quality and designs of pre-built homes are just as good as those of traditional homes are. You can therefore have peace of mind.

modular home
After choosing to go with pre-built homes, you need to be aware of a number of terms that are important to note so that you can make the right decision according to your budget, tastes, and needs. This is because there are three types of pre-built homes. They include manufactured homes, mobile homes, and modular homes. Aside from these, we have single wide and double wide homes. Knowing their definitions and the differences is very important.

Manufactured Homes

A manufactured home is completely constructed in the factory. It is later transported to the site chosen by the owner. Once these houses arrive at the destination, they have not moved again and this allows the whole process from the beginning to the end to be done with great consistency and accuracy. This type of construction has many advantages because it does not face many of the delays and disruptions that traditional homes face during their construction. Mobile homes were manufactured homes that had been built before June 1976. After the formation of the Housing and Urban Development policies in 1976, changes were made and this begun the construction of manufactured homes according to the federal codes from Housing and Urban Development.

A manufactured home is usually built on a steel frame trailer but with permanence. However, this is not the only option because they can also be set on a foundation. There are two common variations in design and these include the single wide and double wide structures.

Double Wide Homes

A double-wide manufactured home gives the owners a charming exterior, giving room for an open and spacious floor plan that is usually covered by many. It can then be noted that these double-wide homes have quite a number of floor plans and amenities as compared to the homes built on the site. Having decided to choose this type of housing, you do not have to be worried about outdated designs and facilities. This is because, in most if not all cases of production, the designs are professionally made and engineered to accommodate the current trends in housing and styles. For example, the open floor plans, recessed ceilings, texture walls, spa bathrooms, fireplaces, natural finishing, and many other styles and floor plans.

They are referred to as double-wide homes because they consist of two similarly sized sections, each being around the size of a single-wide. They are joined together creating a larger, rectangular double-wide home. The two-part units will be constructed in a controlled environment, moved to the location, welded onto a double-wide trailer, or set onto a foundation making a quality double-wide home. They offer versatility in floor plan possibilities and materials.

Modular Homes

A modular home is also built in a controlled environment. The differences between a modular and double-wide home are therefore seen in the foundation. Unlike the steel frame trailer mostly used for the double-wide, a modular home will always be set onto a foundation. The construction is also done in sections and then moved onto the site of your choice. The modular homes will mostly be governed by the local state building codes, unlike double-wide homes that will implement the Housing and Urban Development codes. Modular homes that are built on a permanent chassis are called on-frame and those built on temporary ones will be called off-frame.

It can therefore be seen that both modular homes and double-wide homes have their distinct characteristics but they also have their share of advantages. These advantages include the design customization that is available for any owner who chooses any of the two. They also have safety because construction and production are done based on laws and codes. Both these methods offer significantly lower prices than traditional homes. It is, therefore, safe to say that the choice between these two will then depend on preference.

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