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How to Decide If I Want a Modular Home or Stick Built?

A stick-built home is an ancient mode of home construction. It is what many people think of and conceptualize whenever they imagine the complete process of building a house. It entails a wooden framed structure that has been delicately assembled piece by piece. On the other hand, modular homes refer to homes that are premade in a factory and then taken to the site where they are duly assembled. It is therefore clear that a stick-built home is built on the actual site whereas a modular home is built on a factory or such kind of facility. This article discusses several factors that will help you decide the best home for you.

  • Budget, Expense, and Cost-Effectiveness
modular home model

Modular homes are cheap compared to the labor-intensive cost of having a crew at the site for many months as is in stick-built homes. However, these modular homes and their respective construction plans are overly regimented hence any issue from the intended design may increase the costs due to the deviation from the rigid preconstruction process. The change of the materials would also hike the expense hence culminate in escalating costs. These factors should therefore be keenly considered before opting for either the modular or stick-built home.

  • Flexibility and Customization

In case you want more flexibility, then you should opt for stick-built homes as they allow for more variations than modular homes with the use of prefabricated materials. Stick-built homes allow for adjustments and alterations concerning fine details or modifications that can be done as the construction goes on. Other features can also be added on-site using distinct sections of lumber. If you desire to have this kind of unique home, then you should opt for a stick-built home as it can be made following your unique style and preference. These modifications would be quite impossible if you settle for a modular factory-made home as they use blueprints without any customizable aspects.

  • Remedying Construction Problems

You need to be aware that any issues that may come up or result from the construction process can be resolved quickly and without incurring any hefty costs as the blueprints can be varied easily. This is in stark contrast to modular homes, which require a more delicate and complex approach marred by several technicalities that usually necessitate extended and expensive changes to revert any prefabrication problems. You should select the type that you feel works best for you in such an instance.

  • The Type of Land

The type of land that you own dictates whether you will be better off with a modular or stick-built home. This is because modular homes have blueprints that might not be ideal for your specific plot of land. It would therefore make you waste a lot of time looking for a prefabricated home that matches and fits perfectly with the space that you have. Stick-built homes fit well with the available space including any other vital changes that you would desire to make. You might have some old structures on your land that you could want to incorporate into the project and work with and all these can be workable with a stick-built home. Modular homes are therefore a good choice only if you do not intend to have many site-related changes. The type of land will therefore influence the choice that you will make between these two decent options.

  • Limitations and Environmental Factors

Modular homes entail the transport of the structures through road. The road network and the vehicles available to transport the different components might hence heavily affect the transportation of modular homes. The size of the site and the prefabricated structure itself could also pose a huge problem. The site would need to be perfectly prepared for the modules to be laid well with a machine or a crane. In case you are environmentally conscious, you should be aware that there will be less pollution in the case of stick-built homes. All these issues should guide you when deciding if you want a modular or prefabricated home.

This article has exhaustively discussed the several factors that should help you to identify the best choice between a modular home and a stick built one. Both are quite good and your choice will depend on the aforementioned factors plus your personal preference. If you are still undecided, you might want to reach out to an expert to evaluate your piece of land, talk with you about your preference, and advise you on the best house for you.

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