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How Much Land Do I Need To Have A Modular Home?

Modular houses have proven to be a good choice for anyone that wishes to own a home. This is mostly because of their affordable prices and the continual growth of technology that have made the homes safe and very comfortable to live in. After you make the choice to invest in a modular home, you need to consider a variety of factors before making any vital decisions. One of these is the size of land required. A lot of concern and doubts may be brought in because it is a modular home you are establishing and not a traditional on-site home. So, how much land will therefore be enough?

Factors That Determine the Amount of Land You Need

To determine this, a few factors should be taken into consideration for example your budget. It is also very important to note the considerations will vary from place to place. This part of the article looks at the different factors you should pay attention to.

Rules and Regulations of the State

There are quite a number of regulations that have been put in place concerning the putting up of regular homes. They act as a guide for how much land you need to build any structure. This is therefore a good place to start when seeking answers for how much land you need. For example, one acre for one or two-family dwellings.

There are also regulations on the well and septic of your modular home. If you choose a location near city services then this might not be much of an issue, however, if it is in rural areas, there are rules that will govern the installation of your water well and septic system. For example, they will guide you on how many homes can be supported by one system and the distance required between the well and septic. This can result to even more than an acre.

Therefore, knowledge of these regulations is important and noting that they may vary from place to place. You should not hesitate to seek assistance from the local government agencies on their ordinances and zoning regulations.

Use of the Land

We all have different hobbies, preferences, and tastes. Therefore, your desired use for the land will be an important consideration. If you just want regular living with no added facilities then there will not be much need for large land. However, if you prefer other added structures, for example, you want a driveway with ample parking space, or you need to have sunrooms and porches as well, this will definitely need extra land. You may also want to start a small business next to the modular home, for example, an auto garage, or if you are interested in gardening, enough space next to your modular house will be needed for your farm.

Financial Considerations

For most of us, we have to take keen considerations of our financial status before deciding to invest in anything costly. This is the same for deciding the amount of land needed for setting up a modular home. You must not go blindly in this transaction because the consequences can be quite costly. A good start is talking to a mortgage broker or any loan officer at a near bank. These professionals will help you determine how much land you can afford. If you have opted to take a loan, talking to different loan providers will help you determine the best option with the best interest rates suitable to you.


It should be noted that different areas will have varying land prices. Therefore, if you want more land at a lower price, the best locations are out of the main cities. Before deciding on the piece of land, you should take note of the facilities near the land. If you want the land near your workplace, you may have limited options on the land space you want, and you will have to be less flexible on the cost of land you are willing to purchase.

Size of Modular Home

How big will your modular home be? How many rooms do you need? Will your family members be catered for? These all bring you to the size of modular home you will need to purchase. The land will then have to be large enough to accommodate the size of your home.

The land that you will therefore need for your modular home will depend on all these factors. Seeking assistance from professionals such as local authorities, loan providers, and most especially modular home providers is essential for you to determine the amount of land you will need for your home. Having all these factors will help you narrow down all the options you may have.

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