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How Long Will It Take To Build A Manufactured House?

One of the top benefits of investing in manufactured homes is that they take a shorter time to build and install compared to stick-built homes. Since it is constructed under a controlled environment in the factory, the workers are not affected by extreme weather conditions and most of the building materials are often available on the construction site. However, the time of manufacturing every modular home may not be the same for every homeowner since there are a few things to consider. This article discusses some of the factors that determine how long it will take to build a manufactured home.

Factors That Determine the Duration of Building a Manufactured Home

  • Pre-Selected Features

A manufactured home with standard features takes a shorter time to build because of the less variance in the building process. This means that you could move into your newly constructed home in a few months if you chose to go with the stock option of a modular home. However, if you are looking for something different in terms of customization, the building process could take longer to accommodate all your selected features. Maybe you want to add patio doors or a fireplace that is not included in the standard option of a modular house. The process will take longer than a few months to add the additional features.

  • The Facility Building Your Home

The manufacturing company could also affect the length of completing your prefab home. The time it will take your home to be delivered after purchasing it could depend on the number of home orders the facility is working on. The number of houses they can work on at a given time could vary depending on the number of workers available and the size of their factory. Usually, the manufacturing process of a single modular home could take up to 5 weeks or more to be completed and will significantly depend on the pre-selected level of customization.

  • Preparation of the Construction Site

As the manufacturing process continues in the factory, you need to schedule an inspection of the building site and foundation. It is also important to obtain the necessary building permits that will allow your modular home to be constructed at the designated location. You need to clear and level the construction site and account for the drainage before installing the foundation system. All other utilities that help in the assembly and installation of your prefab home have to be brought to the site as well. Modular homes are often built on a similar foundation to stick-built homes to ensure they are strong and durable. This process could take between a few days to a few months based on your situation.

  • Home Delivery And Installation

Your newly manufactured home will be transported to the designated location by truck after it has been completed. It will then be secured to the foundation and every module of the house checked once again to ensure that they fit perfectly as intended. The sections or modules of larger homes are often joined together on-site while small modular homes can be carried as a whole and secured to the foundation. Utilities such as water and electricity are connected to city services before the interior is finished. This could include paint touch up, carpet connections, and flooring. Based on the size and design of your modular house, the process of home delivery and installation could take at least 3 to 4 weeks to be complete.

  • Manufactured Home Financing

If you are not paying for your manufactured home with cash or savings, then you might have to seek funding from financial institutions for your building project. A good rule of thumb is to get educated about the different types of home financing before speaking with a lender. When you learn and ask informed questions about what you are about to get into, then you can narrow down to detailed specifics on the available loan options for your particular situation. You can always check your credit report online to ensure there are no errors when seeking funds from a financial institution. This process may take a short time or a long time depending on your lender and your credit rating status.

As you can see, many variables could affect the overall time for building a manufactured home. Generally, most homeowners take between 6 to 9 months to complete all the necessary steps required to build a modular home. The process of seeking permits, financing, and fulfilling other regulatory requirements can take longer than expected so it is always important to start early and follow up on every detail. The key to speeding up the building process is to plan and figure out what features you would like to include in your home and be ready to make payments or installments as required by the manufacturer.

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