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How Long Shall It Take For Prefabricated Homes To Be Built?

The current trend in home construction is modular homes or as they are popularly known as prefabricated homes. They are usually very appealing since there is a very wide range of designs to go by. They are friendly to the environment since the amount of waste produced is considerably less, compared to that of on-site construction. They also help in cutting down the construction budget since you do not have to transport materials to the site. Amongst all these, nothing beats the reduced construction time that is associated with prefabricated homes. Generally, prefabricated homes take approximately 4 months from the time of placing your order to the point of moving in. This article gives a breakdown of the timeline.
  • Land Purchasing and Securing Permits

Building a home is for most people, the most valuable investment of their lifetimes. With that in mind, a lot of planning has to be done, just like with any project. This planning entails buying good land in your favorite neighborhood. Ensure the site is raised and that utility lines do not pass underneath the land. Ensure that the authority allows for modular home construction where your site is located. It is also during this phase that you should secure new home construction permits. Processing the permits takes quite some time since the authorities must conduct some inspections of the house before you receive a clean bill of health. All this takes approximately 6-9 weeks.

  • Modular Home Designing

After you have finally secured land and received permission to go ahead with the construction, it is now time to look for an architect. An architect helps in putting your imagination to reality by designing your dream home. It is at this time that the designer gives you the approximate cost of building the prefab home, and the things to expect during the construction time. Modular home designing is different from the on-site home since there are tons of designs to choose from. Designing a modular home takes approximately 12 weeks.

  • Land Preparation

The land where you plan to build your new home will never be level or ready for construction. It has to be excavated and leveled to pave way for the basement foundation. This step does not have to be included in a prefab house construction timeline since it does not have to take wait for the construction of the modular home. You can have the land preparation run concurrently with the construction of the modular house. This stage takes approximately 1 week of the construction timeline.

  • Building Foundation 

This is the most complicated and time-consuming part of any house construction. It involves excavating the land, laying down the concrete columns, something that takes most of the construction time. After you have laid down the utility lines on the basement foundation, the municipal building and construction authority have to inspect it for standard regulations. The building of the foundation does not have to wait for the construction of the modular; they can take place concurrently. With some good construction time, building the foundation should take 4 weeks at most.

  • Building the Modular Home 

Once you make payment for your modular home and the design prepared, the construction starts immediately. Unlike on-site construction, prefabricated houses are constructed in a factory then transported to the site once ready. The factories are fitted with weather-controlled features favorable for proper modular house construction. This means that the construction time will speed up by almost a third. Building a prefabricated house is environmentally friendly since factory manufacturing of the modular home means fewer site interruptions and minimal waste. Building the modular home takes only a week.

  • Installing the Modular Home

A finished modular home is lifted and loaded on a truck by the use of a powerful crane. It is then transported to the site whereupon arrival; it is lifted and placed on the foundation. Transportation takes just a day while fitting may take a whole week. This is because fitting involves tightening the screws and joining the utility connections throughout the house. It also entails installing the fittings, which requires quite some time.

As you look forward to having your prefabricated house finished sooner than later, do not forget to capitalize on quality. Sometimes, fast construction may not match your imagination when the work is done carelessly. To avoid such scenarios and have the best experience with prefab houses, secure a good and certified contractor. You can check for all qualifications and details of your favorite contractor online.

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