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How Big Should My Shed Be?

In the determination of how big your shed should be, you should have a clear idea of how your shed will be used and what it shall contain. Concerning the size, it entails how high the roof will be, the internal shelving, the shape of the shed, and other varying factors besides the estimated square footage of this shed.

It is a very vital component of a garden provided it is in the best and most fitting size. This makes it crucial to choose the best size to avoid spending too much money while still ensuring that it will provide ample storage. This helps you to determine the perfect size for your shed based on several factors to make the best option.

  • Usage

Usage is a very essential factor since it dictates whether you will require a small, medium, or large shed.

Shed with terrace in a garden during spring
The key considerations, include how you want to use and utilize your shed, what you intend to store in it, and the specific or exact rules and regulations that duly govern what you want to construct. A shed that will be used for storage of home utilities such as a mower or trimmer should be around 15ft x 15ft. It is therefore imperative for you to consider this factor. This makes it crucial for you to be keen so that you can be assured that you will buy a shed that will be fitting based on all your needs.

  • Money Matters

This is based on the available budget or the amount of money dedicated to this project. The size is highly dependent on the amount of money that should be expended accordingly or simply what you have set aside for the accomplishment of this task. Some research should guide you concerning the types of sheds that are available and at what price. You should set a specific price and proceed with it hence ensuring that you will not deviate and spend any amount of money that you had not anticipated. This reduces the time consumed trying to check on sheds that do not necessarily match your purpose and desired size.

  • Unique Nature of a Garden

It is very important to remember that every garden is quite bespoke hence you should settle for the size of a shed that matches your home. This is because whatever suits another house might not be suitable for yours thus you should always consider this before opting for a certain size. This ensures that whatever you settle for actually matches your requirements. The other ancillary factors to be considered include the inclines or obstacles that might be a major hindrance in the choice of the perfect size and spot for a shed.

  • The Size of the Garden

This is vital since you should be fully aware of the area that your shed will be positioned. The estimations and comparisons are difficult to make based on any dimensions that are deduced from online sources. It is therefore important to see it in person so that you will be aware of what you are dealing with in relation to the space available to you. The size of the garden therefore highly dictates the ultimate size of your shed.

  • The Future

The determination of how big your shed ought to be is further based on some very important considerations pertaining to your future. You should bear in mind what can happen if you decide to move to another place or location. The size must be ideal for varying locations hence choosing an exceedingly bigger shed could be very detrimental for you. A big shed can be useless for you if you intend to shift to a smaller location. In such an instance when the house does not belong to you, a medium-sized shed can always suffice.

In conclusion, a tiny shed should be around 3 by 7 feet. This is usually enough for the storage of the basic equipment but not adequate for some proper workspace. On the other hand, a medium shed is around 10 by 10 feet and it is big enough to hold all garden supplies including a mower. This is also enough in case you are handling some projects. However, about a larger shed, it has a loft, which provides some room for additional storage. They range from 15 by 20 feet and 20 by 40 feet range. This article has depicted the best sizes for your shed all based on the aforementioned factors hence you should make an impeccable decision.

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