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Which Direction Should A Wood Shed Face?

Firewood being something very important in our homes, a wood shed is a valuable asset. It is specifically designed to allow you to store huge amounts of firewood. Firewood is most effective be used when it is dried efficiently. Therefore, the main purpose of a wood shed is to make sure your wood will be well protected from unfavorable weather conditions and moisture especially when you consider areas that experience snow. During the year, we experience all kinds of climates one of these including windy and rainy seasons. The efficiency of your woodshed will be based on a number of factors all of which should be considered during the building process. A major question that should be well thought about is the direction your wood shed should face. This article gives some of the considerations that should not be overlooked.

  • North
wood shed in the yard

If you want to face your wood shed in the northern direction, the main aspect looked at is the way the sun moves in the sky. It is advantageous for the opening of your woodshed to face the north mainly because the pad usually placed at the front of the shed is likely to remain dry especially if you compare it to the other parts of your woodshed. The reason behind this is that the front will always have access to direct sunlight.

The second advantage to this orientation is that apart from dryness, the inside part of your woodshed will always remain well lit. This is also a result of the unlimited sunlight coming in through the north-facing opening

With all good things come the bad; as for your north-facing opening, on most occasions, when the area experiences stormy weather, it is likely that it will be blowing down from the north. This means that the strong winds and rain have a higher chance of being blown into the opening of your woodshed. Storing machinery inside your woodshed can also prove risky because of prolonged exposure to sunlight.

  • South

There are not many advantages of this specific orientation to the safety and well-being of your stored firewood. Although, if you store other goods that may easily get damaged due to sunlight, the little sunlight that will be exposed to this type of orientation would be recommended. Protection of your goods is guaranteed.

The disadvantages are rather too undesirable to be ignored. Due to the pad located at the front of the woodshed facing south, it is most likely to remain boggy especially in the wet seasons. This is because it will most often be shaded. The winds also mostly come from the south and therefore an exposed opening to the winds would make keeping the wood shed clean a difficult task.

  • West

Sadly, any woodshed with the opening facing west has almost no advantage over the other orientations. This is because, when referring to geographical facts, all weather will come across from the west. Your wood will therefore have the least protection and when looking at financial costs, it is more expensive.

  • East

This is in most cases the most common orientation chosen when building a woodshed. The reason behind this is that very little weather will be coming in from the East, thus a lot of protection for the firewood from the elements. This also means that because the sun rises from the East, the opening of your shed will be able to receive a good amount of sunlight that will keep the pad relatively dry and will help achieve the main goal of drying the firewood. If you do opt to add in additional goods, the remainder of the day when there is no sunlight being received will help protect them. Having a woodshed facing east has almost no disadvantages to the items that will be stored.


Finally, the direction that your woodshed should face should give you easy access. This should also consider the ease of getting in and out and the safety that comes with everything. The opening should also be close to any boundaries if bulky items will need frequent transportation.

A woodshed is very important for the safety of your firewood and other items you may choose to keep inside. However, it is seen that to obtain an efficient woodshed, many things will need deep consideration for example the side where the opening will face. Looking at all the factors, your specific location, and knowledge obtained, this decision should be an easy one to make.

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