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Compare: Custom Built Homes and Prefab Homes

Over the years, people have questioned which is better between custom-built homes and prefab homes. Particularly, those who want to invest in owning a home need to know the best house for them. For that reason, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of the two types as well as the process of construction and designing that goes along with building that home. The options one settles for will depend on various circumstances. This article breaks down all aspects that constitute custom-built homes and prefab homes.

What Are Custom Built Homes?

modular home
A custom-built home is a house that is designed by you, with your specifications. Most people who go for this usually hire an architect to design according to their desire and wants. Many have the house built on their land rather than having an extra cost of buying the land, and the house.

What Are Prefab Homes?

Also known as prefabricated homes. It refers to a type of building construction that is done off-site and then transported to the final destination where it is assembled. There is a limited design of your choice for your house, as it is planned in the factory. The only construction done on-site is the foundation. Once it is done, the manufactured materials are shipped to the site.

Differences between Custom Built Homes and Prefab Homes

  • Cost Value Comparison

There is a big difference when it comes to the cost of construction between the two. A custom-built home is expensive and it can get costly with no strategy in place. From designing to the actual process of construction will cost you so much. However, the results might sweep off the fact that it was expensive. It is worth it. In addition, a custom-built home appreciates time. The value in prefabs is less compared to custom-built homes.  One needs to prepare well if they opt for these homes. On the other hand, prefab homes are typically less expensive due to the lower construction cost and bulk purchasing. Most prefer prefab houses because they are affordable and take less time.

  • Quality Comparison

Quality depends on the type of manufacturing company one uses, especially in prefab homes. Prefabs are known to have more efficiency, particularly when it comes to building materials. They often invest in higher quality material resources. The fact that they are made in a factory means that the manufacturing process is under control. Moreover, depending on the builder, some prefab homes come finished. The inside finishing is done on-site. However, builders in custom homes experience problems during construction, which reduces the quality. Some may do a shoddy job like forgetting some wood or timber outside, which will then get affected by rain rendering it useless, and if used, may cause problems.

  • Construction Speed

Prefab homes take less time, unlike custom-built homes. A prefabricated building goes faster as it is fashioned in factories. The materials used are sourced by the factory, which even makes it go quickly. On the other hand, custom-built homes are unfavorable for those who want to build their homes fast because it takes time for a person to source materials. It can even take days or months. Many hiccups may occur during the whole process, for instance, the transportation could go wrong, and the materials will not get there on time. Besides, issues such as rain could slow down the process. This will make the builders stop for a while until there is sunshine. This is contrary to prefabs, where everything is done indoors despite the weather, which speeds up the construction process.

  • Pliability Comparison

The fact that prefabs are assembled also means they can be disassembled. A prefab home can be relocated to another site easily and faster. This reduces the expense of getting new materials, unlike in-built homes. Besides, its flexibility allows different designs of the structure hence generating unlimited opportunities. On top of that, in custom-built homes, many materials go to waste, which is different from prefabs, where all the extra materials are recycled in the factory.

Your home is your investment. Do your due diligence of researching before making any decision, and scrutinize every factor of the two house construction types. Custom-built homes and prefab homes have their pros and cons. The factors above shed light for anyone who wants to own a home but does not know which kind they should settle for. If you are still confused, be sure to reach out to an expert builder for further advice on the same.

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