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What is the Average Price of a Modular Home in the USA?

Modular homes differ from stick-built homes in the way they are assembled. This, therefore, brings about a difference in cost. For a modular home, the average cost per square foot is $120. It should also be noted that many factors may cause this price to vary such as the location. This article explains the average price of a modular home in the USA by looking at a variety of factors that affect the overall cost.

Taxes, Fees, Permits & Freight

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The taxes and fees that need to be paid are different for each state and these costs are separate from permits. The cost for permits similarly varies by municipality. This is because the list of requirements for each region is different and unique thus the modifications in prices. Such permits are accessible at the town’s office. The modular home builder is knowledgeable about what to apply for this drawing up the overall cost. The delivery cost of the house is also a separate cost and it covers trucks and flags.

Base Home Price

This cost will depend on the floor plan chosen. The base home price does not include any customization required or any other additional facilities and construction such as the drive-through. Hence, one should take into consideration the features that are to be added outside the basic model, what they would cost and the overall charge when everything is added up. This ensures that one has left an allowance for flexibility of costs.

Land and Site Prep

This cost depends on whether the land is already owned or it has to be purchased. Land value varies greatly from place to place and the terrain should be taken into consideration. Some modular house companies have services that include searching for the best piece of land for the house. The next step after purchasing is prepping the land. This includes grading, clearing trees and bush, and stump grinding to ensure there is ample construction space.


To set the foundation of a modular home, there are two options to choose from, either a basement or a crawlspace. This does not include a slab foundation. The option chosen will therefore depend on the preference of the homeowner. For a basement foundation, the process will include excavation, backfilling, footers and walls, waterproofing, the floor of the basement, drain tile, sill plates, sump pit, and an egress window. For the crawlspace foundation, most of the requirements are similar except the floor, walls, and egress window and with the addition of access to a door or wall.


Most modular homeowners will want a customization of the original modular house plan. This is to suit one’s personal needs and preferences. Examples of customizations that can be made include a garage, hardwood floors, higher-grade insulation, different doors and windows, and modernized appliances in the kitchen and bathrooms. The costs of customization can be quite staggering especially the addition of a garage. They will also greatly depend on the manufacture and the local builder. The advantage to investing in customizations is that the resale value of the modular house will increase.


The cost of the utilities is separate from everything else. The HVAC system installation is necessary with the inclusion of air duct installation. Hooking the modular home to the city’s water and septic wells is not an option. For rural areas, a well and septic tank will have to be installed. There is also electricity and gas installation that will need consideration. The modular home company will consider all these factors giving the most profitable advice and guidance.

On-Site Build

There some additional features required that are not possible to do in a factory. These include a porch and a driveway depending on preference. The driveway to be constructed may be made of gravel, concrete, or even asphalt. The location of the home will determine the choice of material to be used. Both the material and size made will determine the cost of this additional feature.

Final Costs

Most of the items that will be charged in the total cost of a modular home have been covered. This however does not mean that other charges will not be incurred. There are costs such as general constructor fees, the gutters, lawns, and other costs that cannot be estimated due to variance but will be in the final cost of finishing

A modular home in the USA, therefore, comes to costing an average of $120 per square foot. Although some of the individual costs such as taxes are dependent on the site in which the building is done, most of these costs can be estimated giving a homeowner a fairly precise estimation of the total costs.

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