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What are the Advantages of Prefabricated Houses?

The common traditional are usually constructed on-site, a process that involves a very big workforce and takes quite some time. On-site, house construction takes a huge toll on the environment because a large amount of waste produced ends up in the landfills. It also involves disrupting the normal daily activities at the site and this does not augur very well in controlled development neighborhoods. Thanks to innovation and advancement in technology, houses can now be assembled in a factory and transported to the site once complete. These are known as prefabricated houses. This article takes a deeper insight into the benefits of prefabricated houses so that you know what to expect.

Environmental Friendliness

Our forefathers passed on to us a good world with a great environment and we too, owe our generations to come, an even better one. As previously mentioned, on-site construction takes a huge toll on the environment when the construction waste ends up in landfills. At the same time, the machinery and equipment used during the process release tons of carbon into the atmosphere hence contributing to the destruction of the ozone layer. However, for a prefab house, the assembling takes place inside a factory where waste is managed. This ensures that the little waste produced does not pose any significant threat to the environment. Besides, the materials produced during the demolition of a prefabricated house can be recycled and used in the construction of a different house.

Shorter Turn Over Time

On-site construction of houses takes quite some time especially when the weather is unpredictable. During adverse weather, construction work has to slow down considerably or even stop completely. At the same time, gathering the materials and a slow workforce also increases the construction time by a greater margin. However, with prefabricated houses, the turn over time is reduced by almost 30%. This is because the confinements of the factory provide the perfect atmosphere for round the clockwork, thereby reducing the turn over time.

pre fabricated home

High Quality

For most people, the most valuable investment of their lifetimes is their dream home. This is why quality is everything when it comes to your biggest investment in life. The factories where prefab houses are made to have sophisticated production equipment. These factories also have a quality control environment where contaminants like mold and weather are not a problem for the process. All these factors combined, contribute to the overall high-quality prefabricated houses.

Reduced Construction Costs

On-site construction of a house is one of the biggest investment for most people. Unfortunately, for some, the dream of owning their dream home never comes to reality due to the high cost of construction. You have to incur labor cost, buy the expensive construction materials, and then transport them to the site. Since on-site construction interferes with the environment and the daily routine of the people living in the neighborhood, you have to acquire hefty permits. However, with prefab houses, the assembling of the house at the factory means you do not have to incur the cost of transporting the materials to the site. Since you do not interfere with the routine and the environment at the site, there are a few permits to pay for. This way, owning your dream house is much easier and affordable more than you have ever imagined.

Design Versatility

The best thing about prefabricated houses is the wide range of designs and colors to choose from. Experts have favorable conditions and equipment to work on a given design for as long as it takes. In the process, they discover different designs and features to use while producing different modular. Another great aspect to look out for in prefab houses is the fact they can easily be moved from one place to another, regardless of terrain and the climate.

As it stands, the popularity of prefab houses is on an upward trajectory because of the above-discussed benefits. The popularity is expected to grow even bigger, and this means the benefits are also prone to change with time. On the flip side, prefab houses also come with their fair share of cons. For example; since it is a one-time thing, you can rest assured that the upfront cost of building a prefab house will be more than that of an on-site one. However, as you have seen, the benefits outway the disadvantages and this means that you have nothing to regret in choosing a prefab house. All you have to do is to ensure that you choose the best prefab house contractor in town.

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