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7 Outdoor Trends for Your Home This Summer

If you are in the process of updating your home this summer, chances are high that you are focused on the inside to stay out of the heat. However, sprucing up your home’s exterior is just as important as updating the interior. To encourage yourself to get some fresh air and increase your curb appeal, learn which outdoor trends you should consider for your home this spring.
Fixing up the outside of your home actually increases its overall value. As an added bonus, it is much easier to safely entertain loved ones outside than inside. Consider bringing life to your home’s exterior by implementing one of the following outdoor trends.

1. Outdoor “Rooms”

outdoor string lights hanging on a line in backyard
It might seem like an oxymoron, but an outdoor room really just refers to a screened-in sitting area. With comfortable seating, tables, and a beautiful view of nature, an outdoor room provides the perfect opportunity for enjoying spring and summer weather. Even if you don’t have a way to install a screen, simply setting up your balcony like an outdoor living room is great for entertainment, relaxation, and more.

2. Outdoor Fireplaces

Likewise, an outdoor fireplace makes for a great addition to any yard or patio. Not only is it fun and functional, but it also adds a stylish “statement piece” to your landscaping. If you want to go the extra mile, consider installing an outdoor kitchen with a brick oven.

3. Self-Sustaining Gardens

If you want to pick up a new hobby, improve your landscaping, and help the environment, plant a composting garden. A self-sustaining garden uses natural fertilizer (recycled from your home) to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Enjoy the colorful and delicious fruits of your labor while learning a new skill. Even in an apartment, a patio garden adds personality and functionality to your little space.

4. Cutting Gardens

On the other hand, cutting gardens are back in spring trends as well. A cutting garden strictly houses fresh flowers and plants that can be cut and then brought inside for occupants to enjoy. The benefits of a cutting garden are twofold, as it adds beauty to the home’s exterior and interior.

5. Entertainment Nooks

If space doesn’t allow an entire “room,” build yourself a miniature outdoor vacation nook. Simply place a few chairs, a small table, and some decor in a little corner of your yard. If you have a cutting garden, somewhere in the flowers might be nice. Don’t forget to add beautiful outdoor lighting so you can enjoy spring evenings in your little nook.

6. Extended Indoor Decor

Another eye-catching trend is to blend the interior and exterior of your home so seamlessly that it almost looks like one space. Many homeowners do this by matching the exterior color scheme and style with the interior. When you open your patio doors to enjoy the weather, the two spaces seem to blend into one. This is a particularly effective trick when entertaining company.

7. Statement Driveways

Few people consider the effect that a driveway can have on curb appeal. A recent outdoor trend is to install a circular driveway or landscape around the edges with flowers, shrubs, etc. If you opt for a circular driveway, leave space in the middle for a tree, arch, small fountain, etc.

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